Sunday, 10 February 2013

L'Oreal's Colour Riche Balm

           During winter, my lips tend to suffer and become extremely dry and chapped, which explains my multiple lip balm purchases that I will be reviewing. Among the things I bought to try out were L'oreal's new Colour Riche Balms, which I completely love and I'll share the reasons.

From Top to Bottom: Heavenly Berry & Caring Coral.

             Ever since the Revlon Lip Butters were released last year, other drugstore brands have jumped on the bandwagon and launched similar products, creating a deja-vu kind of experience. As I mentioned in my last post, I didn't like the Revlon lip butters because they didn't really do anything for me. The colour range was horrible and the butter itself was too soft resulting in half of the product to go on in one application.

             The Colour Riche Balms however provided a much more positive and pleasant experience. While looking around in the makeup isle at Walmart, these balms instantly caught my eye and I ended up buying two colours; Heavenly Berry & Caring Coral. The formula has SPF 15, which is something I appreciate since it's nice to have extra protection. Although the sunscreen does give them a funny taste, they smell amazing; a mix between cotton candy and tropical fruit (delicious!).

Caring Coral.

Heavenly Berry.
              Now these balms are among the most moisturizing lip products I've tried and keep my lips soft throughout the day. The only issue with them is the colour pigmentation. Although they do offer a slight colour to your lips, they're extremely sheer and are not very buildable. Personally I prefer their light pigmentation because it makes its application without a mirror so much easier on the go!

From L to R: Heavenly Berry 1 layer & 3 layers.               From L to R: Caring Coral 1 layer & 3 layers.

               As you can see based on the swatches above, even though both are different shades, they appear slightly similar and while layered don't show a greater difference. However, when applied to your lips, the shades show up better and since my lips aren't very pigmented, I love the fact that they add natural colour with a light glossy finish.

From L to R: nothing applied, Caring Coral and Heavenly Berry.
              Overall I think this is a great product for purchase if you're looking for a lip balm that moisturizes your lips throughout the day while giving them colour. I would recommend purchasing one versus buying several colours because they are a bit pricey. I really like them but a closer dupe to these would be Maybelline's Baby Lips (review coming soon!).

I really hope you guys enjoyed this review. Tell me, what do you think of these balms?


  1. They're definitely pretty but a bit too sheer for me I think x

    1. Yup, they're very sheer but handy on days where I don't have enough time for lipstick :)